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 PC & MAC Computers

We work on any types of breakdowns (Hardware & Software), on all platforms (Windows, MAC, Linux) at our workshop or on site.


operating system setup, virus cleaning, data transfer, backups, cloud, damaged components (screen, hard drive, power connector, batteries, WiFi, keyboard, mouse, trackpad ...), data recovery, software setup ...


We offer a "refresh" service for your PC or MAC computer: increased RAM, migration to an SSD, graphics card replacement, dust removal, operating system update, cleaning and system optimization.

Peripherals & accessories

We have tested and selected the best devices and accessories available: Power supplies, chargers for all notebooks (PC or MAC), batteries, smartphones & tablets all brands, internal & external hard drive, monitors, cables, keyboards, mice, network devices, in stock or on order. Learn more.

Smartphones & Tablets

Apple iPhone & iPad Products : Software & Hardware damaged 

Backup & data transfer (old to new device), broken screen, defective battery, charging connector, microphone, earphone, camera, device configuration: cloud, messaging, applications; configuration problem and use.

(We also work on Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple Homepod).

Samsung  products : Software damaged only

Backup & data transfer (old to new device), device configuration: cloud, messaging, applications; problem of configuration and use.

Internet & WIFI

Internet BOX setup, WiFi routers setup, mesh WiFi, CPL (powerline), firewall, Ethernet cables.

We carry out a free diagnostic of your WIFI installation if you wish to optimize it (increase of the cover and the flow). (free diagnostic for individuals only).


We work on all brands for installation, configuration, and training.

Home Automation & protection

Control your cameras, lights, alarms, shutters, radiators, air conditioners, smart devices, audio-multiroom system (Sonos, Airplay ...), via voice assistants (Siri, Alexa, Google home ...) from your home or from the outside. Our team is trained in the latest home automation technologies; we can advise, install and make your home safe, functional and more economical.

NAS (network storage server)

We work on all brands for installation, configuration, and you train to use. Centralize your data, save, share your data in a home, a business or access your data remotely, record your surveillance cameras, share your multimedia files [server Upnp (ex: plex)] music, photos , videos ...

Office and computer training

We offer different modules according to your skills and your needs (from initiation to perfecting on a specific theme).

We guarantee a personalized follow-up.

Telecommuting  NEW

Telework Implementation of telework solution: installation of remote work & meeting software (Zoom, Teams and TeamViewer, Google Remote Desktop, cloud storage & backup, collaborative work).


Mail - Mail Hosting   

We offer to assist you with the creation of your professional e-mail addresses, reservation of the domain name, choice of host, configuration of your devices.


You receive spam emails, we offer a solution to eradicate this daily pollution.

Assistance contract 

We offer maintenance contracts for all types of professionals: during an appointment we personalize the contract according to your needs and requests.


XTREM TECH acts to advise companies in the creation, management, extension and security of their IT systems.

Data recovery

Do you want to recover your data?

PC or MAC computers, hard disk, USB flashdrives, smartphones or tablets damaged.

We establish a free quote.

Bailiff's report

Do you want to collect digital evidence on computer tools? Accompanied by Bailiffs, we intervene in a legal framework to help them to collect the information necessary for the minutes.

Learn more

GDPR Compliance (General Data Protection Regulation)

Do you want to comply with the new RGPD standards? We perform an audit of your computer installation and can make the necessary modifications to the standards.

Learn more.

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